Ps1b1 - Physics 111.01 Fall 2008 Solutions Problem Set 1b(1 HW 1b 1 = Walker3 1.P.02 A human hair has a thickness of about[68 m(a What is this in

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Physics 111.01 Fall, 2008 Solutions, Problem Set 1b (1) HW 1b # 1 = Walker3 1. .P.02. A human hair has a thickness of about [68] μ m. (a) What is this in meters? This is a problem in conversion of units. The method is to multiply by a fraction which is equal to 1, since it represents a ratio of two equal things. 6 10 m 68 m 68E 6 m=6.8E-5 m m =− (b) What is this in km? We just continue on converting. 3 1 km 6.8E-5 m 6.8 E-8 m 10 m = HW 1b # 2 = Walker3 1.P.04 A particular computer can do [263.2] mega-calculations per second. How many calculations can it do in a nanosecond? Here we use the intuitive relation number = rate times time: () calculations number = rate * time = 263.2E6 1E 9 sec 0.263 calculations sec ⎛⎞ −= ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ This is a bit of a funny answer, since a computer can't really do a fraction of a calculation. It presumably means that in about 4 nanoseconds the computer will do a single calculation. HW 1b # 3 = Walker3 1.P.02 1 An electronic advertising sign repeats a message every
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