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Ph 111 NAME __________________________________ September 10, 2008 Quiz 1 Solutions You start out on a trip by driving in a straight line at a constant speed of 20 m/s for 15 seconds. You are driving along the x axis, in the positive direction. Please give all numerical answers to three significant figures, and include units ( m or m/s ) as part of your answer. (a ) What is your average velocity for this part of the trip? If the speed is constant, it is equal to the average velocity, noting that the sign is positive, since we are going in the positive direction. v av = 20 m/s (b) What is your displacement during this part of the trip? Δ x = 300 m The displacement is positive, with distance = velocity times time = (20 m/s)(15 s) = 300 m Next you start to speed up, accelerating at a constant rate of 2 m/s 2 for the next 15 seconds. (c) What is your final velocity? Using equation (1) below,
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