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Ph 111 NAME __________________________________ December 8, 2008 Quiz 5 Class Average: 6.1/10 Please give your numerical answers to at least three significant figures. Please give the correct units (m/s, kg, rad/s, hour, day, etc.) with each answer. Problem 1. An underwater vehicle is exploring a region of the Pacific Ocean. The vehicle has a circular observation window with area A = 0.04 m 2 . If the force on the window is equal to 750,000 N, what is the depth h of the ocean at that point? [The density of ocean water is 1040 kg/m 3 .] The relations for pressure give F Pg A h ρ == Solving for the depth h, we get ( ) () ( ) 23 750,000 N 1840 m 0.04 m 1040 kg/m 9.8 N/kg F h Ag = h= 1840 m Problem 2. A water pipe having a 3.0 cm inside diameter carries water into the basement of a house at a speed of 1.5 m/s. The pipe then tapers to an inside diameter of 1.5 cm.
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