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February 22, 2010 JOR115 – International Journalism The territory in Israel’s West Bank and Gaza Strip, known today as Palestine is currently under the control of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). In 2006, Palestinian elections put Hamas into parliament, an organization recognized by the United States as an international terrorist organization. Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, and though the media is mostly privately owned, journalists may not necessarily print what they please. Much of their media is filled with anti-Israeli, anti-American, as can be seen in The Palestine Times and The Palestine Telegraph . The FDD or the Foundation for Defense for Democracies, argues that Hamas uses the media to inspire acts of violence and hatred towards Jews and the West. Though there are several media outlets throughout the Palestinian territory, both private and government run, Hamas has been very successful in controlling it. And though they manage to keep it out of the local
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JOR-Internat'lJournalism - JOR115 International Journalism...

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