JOR115 - Soloist

JOR115 - Soloist - JOR 115 – Film Analysis The Soloist...

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Unformatted text preview: April 12, 2010 JOR 115 – Film Analysis The Soloist The 2009 movie Soloist , is the story of a journalist who finds himself in need of a below a statue of Beethoven. Steve Lopez, learns of the musicians previous attendance to Julliard, and that he originally played the cello. The day after he had written his first column about Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, one of his readers was so touched, that she gave Nathaniel her cello that she could no longer play due to arthritis. As the story progresses, Lopez is faced with many ethical decisions regarding Nathaniel’s well-being and potential as a musician. Steve Lopez had an opportunity to speak to Nathaniel’s sister, which is how he learned of his musical education, as well as his reasons for leaving and ending up on the streets of Los Angeles. Toward the end of Nathaniel’s second year at Julliard, he had what is thought to be the onset of schizophrenia in the middle of a rehearsal and ran out. Though still very brilliant, Nathaniel never seemed to be the same. He always seemed to have a million thoughts going through his mind at any point in time, except when he was...
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This note was uploaded on 05/13/2010 for the course JOR 115 taught by Professor Barbarasmith during the Spring '09 term at Rhode Island.

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JOR115 - Soloist - JOR 115 – Film Analysis The Soloist...

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