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Name: (Last) (First) (Middle Initial) 1 Circle Lecture time – 9:05 or 10:10 Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences Chemistry 3580 Spring Semester 2009 Prelim 1 - Answers Thursday, February 12, 2009 7:30-9:00 PM Comments: Question 1 . No reasons provided for a choice – loss of 1 point . Questions 1-2 : More than one answer given for anything - no point , even if they include the correct answer. Question 3 : Two products given for any answer - loss of 1 or 2 points , depending on the question, even if the two include the correct product. Friedel-Crafts Acylation : Esters, acid chlorides or alcohols given as the final answer – no credit . Question 4 : Comments are provided directly with the appropriate answers. Question 5 : More than one route to the target. Only a representative one is given. Question 6 : Self explanatory
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Name: (Last) (First) (Middle Initial) 2 1. (a) (8 Points) Using the Hückel 4n + 2 rule, determine which of the following structures are aromatic, antiaromatic or non-aromatic? Write the letters of your choices in the spaces provided. Be sure to show briefly how you arrive at your answers. N O N H H (a) (d) (c) (b) 1) cyclic 2) No overlap between p of one ring and p of another 3) No delocalization of electrons from one ring into the other 4) Planar 5) Each benzene has 6 ! electrons => Each ring is independently aromatic 1) cyclic 2) 6 ! electrons 3) N has 4 single bonds and so is sp 3 => no p orbital => non-aromatic 1) cyclic 2) planar 3) parallel p orbitals on ring atoms 4) 12 ! electrons => antiaromatic 1) cyclic 2) planar 3) parallel p orbitals on ring atoms
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Prelim_1_S09_Answers - Name(Last(First(Middle Initial...

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