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Name: (Last) (First) (Middle Initial) 1 Circle Lecture time – 9:05 or 10:10 Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences Chemistry 3580 Spring Semester 2009 Prelim 3 - Answers April 9, 2009 7:30-9:00 PM Read each question very carefully. There are 8 total pages. Please, count your pages before beginning the exam. Write all answers on the printed side of the exam. Draw structures clearly. It is your responsibility to convey information unambiguously and not the grader’s responsibility to interpret what you meant. 1. (10) 2. (12) 3. (16) 4. (15) 5. (16) 6. (15) 7. (16) Total (100)
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(Last) (First) (Middle Initial) 2 1. (10 Points) (a) In the boxes provided, write down the structure of each of the starting ketones (meant to be carbonyl compounds) that will give the product shown. Ph O H O Ph + Ph N Ph NaBH 3 CN AcOH MeOH CH 3 NH 2 (b) Write down the structures of intermediates A and B. N Ph Ph H NH 2 O N Ph Ph H O NH 2 A B (c) In the space provided write down the structure of the missing reactant. CO
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Prelim_3_S09_solutions - Name: (Last) (First) (Middle...

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