01Comparative_Advantage - A'pte I I...

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( A'pte- I ClotA.t I C*u*.l A C( loLtn*tnql Le*i'tt L0- 4 z- | J*t -"A;o"flroole I ) svdivw t Bai,s C"tw7rcnh"te (ed',cs Fr"rL z tU lt"t is tle ,r*!o( WRou6 1.r ,r ) F"r'[. ilIa*C tl^e ^-tu.fu /*r" 4^ ,ou*tr.{ A ull"rt's tL, Fru- "",.YL fu*|" .7 o 7 .\ ,**.rrt J 0 ' Tl^ne L{e fn'vo s(toat+a-yrs /*yrurroL:na n ,/eruuro(, t) z) ere cof\\cf Srlo*^rns O 7) +) ^a'e inro-nflute t/L.4'q,Uza,t4hs Cber:r) Js crtnf le'te tf uaal.'Lat;6l" C r^r*rX B prtul.l"'y f-onn<,r Ue ? 4.XLt f*l ,)
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2- t L ) hll^;rL rr',<r,h*l ,?^\, firwt t-roole k ,lnV*.r?" an d,r olu*on'r{ t frofercn/e ) , ( t ) , ()) Tl,rr, ,s no sftUna,liza,t 'o.,< , no Uaile , to 7*r\ frora trxll G) , t+) frec.o/"2*{ta4 )x 6rme rtt{ntfa/ }d ,lu otler" r*azut tt trHlot/t,"i^odr'h'(S- rI"L;:r'#u tle htter oto,,^l . l)oes tl., i*", rto/*, t/ne sa-*tte Jooile ( cotwutol"'{*'es a -) ) tl.'rn". t1,"4 +l^e " s^*{l" ret^y.tn )s f'tg sfec4il-t].d ;^ Ct*f, , il" irl-tho^ f(q^ nn dr"");,7" c an tg ^'s Dnt ru(- t*t n rl Fr o o( . ,lupsn? gdn
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01Comparative_Advantage - A'pte I I...

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