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Chapter 53 – Community Ecology 0. Understand difference between competitive exclusion, niche partitioning and character displacement 1. Understand how prey adapt to escape predators, and what top down control is 2. Understand how communities change during succession 3. Know trends in diversity with area, latitude and how islands are a natural experiment in what controls diversity Definitions 0. Assemblage of all ___________ in an area, emergent characteristics are diversity and relative abundance Look first at pair wise interactions between species Table 53.1 Interspecific Interactions Competition 0. Competition is when at least one species suffers decreased _______ or reproduction 1. Competitive exclusion principle says no two species can use the same _____ 2. Competition changes use of resources (niche partitioning) or 3. over evolutionary time, changes morphology (character displacement) to limit competition 4. Experimental studies have shown that intertidal barnacles compete Figure 53.3 Resource partitioning in a group of lizards
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Figure 53.4 Character displacement: circumstantial evidence for competition in nature Figure 54.3 Testing a competitive exclusion hypothesis in the field Predation 5.
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1202L19 - 0 1 2 3 Chapter 53 Community Ecology Understand...

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