1202L16 - Chapter 46 Reproduction Understand asexual sexual...

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Chapter 46 – Reproduction Understand asexual, sexual reproduction and its variants (parthenogenesis and hermaphroditism) Understand process of sperm and egg development in humans, and how it is under hormonal control Know details of human menstrual cycle Types of Reproduction 0. Asexual reproduction of carbon copies by budding, fragmentation, etc. 1. Sexual reproduction involves combination of haploid gametes to form diploid zygote Sex is adaptive in unpredictable environments or to combat pathogens Variants on Sexual Reproduction 0. Parthenogenesis 0. Egg develops without fertilization 1. In bees, fertilized eggs (2N) are females , unfetilized eggs are males 2. Males rare in parthenogenetic organisms 1. Hermaphroditism (monoecy) 3. Both sets of reproductive organs 4. Most outcross to avoid inbreeding depression 5. Sequential hermaphroditism involves sex change 0. Protandry : (males switch to females as they grow to produce costly egges) males become _________ because egg laying ability increases with size (as in oysters) 1. Protogyny: females become males as in territorial reef fish like wrasses, where large males hold territories Sex reversal in a sequential hermaphrodite
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Reproductive Strategies 3. Either external fertilization, high fecundity, small young (numbers strategy), if resources abundant or 4. Internal fertilization, increased parental care (fewer but larger young) if resources limiting Figure 46.6 Parental care in an invertebrate Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis 5. Will have to learn mammalian reproductive anatomy (pp. 1003 – 1007) on your own 6. Spermatogenesis is meiotic divisions producing differentiated,haploid sperm in testis
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1202L16 - Chapter 46 Reproduction Understand asexual sexual...

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