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Name ___________________________________ SPRING '10 Lab section # ____ _ In accordance with the Community Standard, I pledge that the answers given on this assignment represent only my own, individual effort. --------------------------------------------------------------- Signature Neurobiology Pre-Lab Questions for ‘Bad Fish’ Exercise Due week of April 5 Referring to your lecture notes and textbook, answer the questions below as completely as possible in the space provided and using your own words. Do not copy or paraphrase from the text, lecture handouts, or web sources.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Why do sodium and potassium ions need channels in order to move into and out of cells? (2 pts.) 2. Describe the distribution of positive and negative charges on either side of the nerve cell membrane and their movment when the neuron is at rest ( resting potential ). (4 pts.) 3. What happens to the distribution of positive and negative charge in a neuron when it generates an action potential ? Describe the role of sodium ions and sodium channels in the action potential . (4 pts.) 4. What is the function of the action potential in neurons? (2 pts.) Biology 25L...
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