Mito&Photo_Post-lab_S'10 - Biology 25L Spring '10...

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1 Name _______________________________ Spring '10 Lab section # _____ In accordance with the Community Standard, I pledge that the answers given on this assignment represent only my own, individual effort. ______ ______________________________ Signature Combined Post-lab Assignment for: “Mitochondria & Metabolism” and “Photosynthetic Pigments and Light Reactions” Exercises (This assignment is due at the beginning of lab the week of April 5. It has 24 pts. and is 2 pages long.) 1. With appropriate instrumentation, a sensitive way to measure metabolic activity is by the rate of oxygen consumption. Based on the fractionation and isolation techniques you used in lab with mitochondria obtained from bee flight muscle, predict the whether you would expect to see a drop in oxygen levels in assay tubes with the contents indicated below. Explain your reasoning in each case. Note: neither tube contains cyanide. a) buffer, succinate, and the sediment fraction
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Mito&Photo_Post-lab_S'10 - Biology 25L Spring '10...

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