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Plant Phlylo.Post-lab_S'10 - Biology 25L Spring '10 Name _...

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1 Name _______________________________ Spring '10 Lab section # _____ In accordance with the Community Standard, I pledge that the answers given on this assignment represent only my own, individual effort. ______ ______________________________ Signature Post-lab Assignment for “Phylogenetic Systematics of Plants” Due at the beginning of lab the week of March 22. This assignment has 3 pages, 4 questions, and 36 pts. 1) Which of the phylogenetic trees below show(s) a different set of evolutionary relationships than the others, and why? (2 pts.) 2) Shown on the right is a phylogenetic tree of mammals, based on molecular data. The evolutionary appearances of some key morpho- logical traits are shown by hatch marks on the appropriate tree branches. The outgroup for the tree is reptiles and birds. a) The common name for the monotremes, platypus and spiny anteaters ( Echidna ) is "the egg-laying mammals." According to the tree, is egg-laying a shared derived character of monotremes? Explain why or why not. (3 pts.) b) The marsupials are sometimes referred to as "primitive mammals." Why is that designation erroneous, and what information from the tree refutes the idea that marsupials are more primitive than eutherians? (3 pts.) Biology 25L
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2 3a) Construct a phylogenetic tree for taxa I-IV based on the character state information shown below. As you did in lab, indicate with arrows across branches of your tree where the transitions from ancestral (e.g., a ) to derived states (e.g, a' ) occurred for characters a through h . (6 pts.) a ʼ
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Plant Phlylo.Post-lab_S'10 - Biology 25L Spring '10 Name _...

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