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Plant Adapt.Post-lab_S'10_KEY - Post-lab Assignment for...

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1 Post-lab Assignment for “Adaptations in Plants” KEY 1. A vexing question for many observers of complex, highly specialized, and seemingly ‘designed’ adaptive traits is: “How could such a trait have evolved?” Choose one specific example of a complex adaptation that you observed in either the pollination video or the other than the long-spurred orchid pollinated by the 'predicta' moth.) Write out an explanation, i.e., a possible scenario , for how the trait you chose could have evolved. Include in your explanation the advantages of a series of gradual steps in the evolution of the trait. (10 pts.) Use ONLY the space below for your answer. You do not need to conduct additional research or consult any reference sources to try to find a “correct” or currently accepted explanation. Rather, show the thoroughness of your understanding of the process of evolution by natural selection as applied to this problem, including a plausible explanation for the significance of intermediate steps . Key points (10 pts. possible) - choosing a potentially adaptive trait from the pollination video or the greenhouse pollination display (including the "mushroom" mimic flower but not the Madagascar orchid) that is unlikely to be the result of a single evolutionary event and hence is “complex.” There were lots of possibilities. - identifying a plausible ancestral condition and describing the plant species in its pre-adaptation state. - describing at least two plausible and less-than-fully or ‘perfectly’ evolved expressions of the trait between the ancestral and current condition. Look for some indication that these intermediate stages would have appeared by in a population as naturally occurring variants by chance -- not b/c the species ‘needed’ them or b/c they were necessary to get to the next stage -- and that they were heritable . These are two necessary conditions for evolution by natural selection. -
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Plant Adapt.Post-lab_S'10_KEY - Post-lab Assignment for...

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