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3-1HNMRborneolisoborneol - (would you have predicted that...

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1H NMR spectra (only the region between ~2-6 ppm is shown. You are not required to analyze the entire spectra) of the product mixture resulting from the reduction of camphor with sodium borohydride: The hydrogens on the carbon bearing the hydroxyl group (those circled above) show up at approximately 3.4 ppm for isoborneol and 3.8 ppm for borneol on the 1H NMR spectra
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Unformatted text preview: (would you have predicted that the protons would have different chemical shift values?) By integrating these peaks one can calculate the product ratio. The integration values for the peaks from the above spectra are 2.314 and 8.497. Use this information to determine the major product and the specific ratio of the two products....
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