CHEM 152L sumsyl('09)

CHEM 152L sumsyl('09) - CHEM 152L Organic Chemistry 2 Duke...

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CHEM 152L Organic Chemistry 2 Duke University Summer 2009 Lectures: MTWTHF 11:00 – 12:15 pm FFSC 2231 Instructor: Dr. Christopher P. Roy Office: FFSC 1222 Phone: 660-1518 Email: [email protected] Office hours : MW: 1:00 - 3:00pm TTH: 9:00 – 10:00 am and certainly by appointment Required texts : G. M. Loudon, "Organic Chemistry", 4th edition; and Study Guides A model kit is strongly suggested. Introduction CHEM 152L is the second of a two-course sequence that serves as a college level introduction to the chemistry of carbon compounds. The sequence CHEM 151L and 152L provides a foundation for further studies and is an important component of a biological science, an environmental science or a pre-professional program. (pre-med, pre-dent, pre-vet. ........ etc.) Course Goals CHEM 152L will provide a continuation of the study of the physical and chemical behavior of organic compounds and will continue the discussion of analytical techniques in organic chemistry. Major topics include aromaticity, carbonyl chemistry, amines, carbohydrate chemistry, and an introduction to biochemistry. Course Lectures and Attendance Course lectures will concentrate on areas that are of particular difficulty to students and will add detail to what is found in the textbook. For a class of this size it will be impossible for attendance to be taken, of course it is highly recommended that you attend lecture in order to get a complete understanding of difficult concepts that will be presented in class. Class information There is a blackboard site for this course. Exam keys, final grades, and other information will be posted there as the semester proceeds. In addition, copies of the syllabus and other handouts will be made available on that site as well. The laboratory portion for this
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course will have a separate folder and all questions, concerns should be directed to Dr. James Parise ( [email protected] ) the organic laboratory manager. Absences The policy for missed exams is set out by the Chemistry Department and the University. If an exam is missed for planned or unplanned reasons, an excuse is required. If a Dean's excuse cannot be obtained or a short term illness excuse does not apply, a Chemistry Department excuse form should be filled out. The departmental form must be approved by Dr. Roy (FFSC 1222), and turned into the Director of Undergraduate Studies (FFSC 1217). The required forms are available on line under Course Documents of the Blackboard site. In the event of an excused absence, no makeup will be given; the final
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CHEM 152L sumsyl('09) - CHEM 152L Organic Chemistry 2 Duke...

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