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Physics 54: General Physics II Duke University January 7, 2009 Welcome Welcome to Physics 54, the second part of the Physics Department’s two-semester introductory survey course that is taken especially by students with interests in the life sciences (although the course welcomes students of all interests). Some of the lectures and labs discuss applications of physics to medicine and biology, and nearly all of the material is useful for understanding how biological organisms function or how the many experimental devices used by life scientists work. However, Physics 54 is foremost a physics course and its main goal is to introduce you to theoretical and experimental insights, and to teach related quantitative problem-solving skills, that are broadly useful to many areas of science, as well as to the life sciences. A central topic of this course is the wave nature of light and its connection to oscillating electric and magnetic fields. The wave nature of light plays an important role in lasers, which are routinely used in surgery and also determines the limits for the spatial resolution of optical imaging methods that are used for medical diagnostics. Throughout the semester, please feel free to ask any of us, at any time, questions that you have regarding the course or course material. All the instructors greatly enjoy physics and would like this semester to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you. The Physics 54 Blackboard Webpage: https://courses.duke.edu The Physics 54 Blackboard webpage will be an essential source of information throughout the semester. You should look at this webpage several times each week, especially before each lecture or exam. Last-minute announcements, course documents, PDF’s of PowerPoint lecture files, answers for assignments and quizzes, sample exams with answers, local events such as visiting lecturers or nearby exhibits, interesting websites related to the lectures, and staff information will be posted on the course Blackboard website. Especially during the first week of the semester, you should explore the course site thoroughly to become familiar with available information and resources. Personnel and Office Hours The following table gives the contact information for the instructors of the course: Professor Role Office Phone E-mail Robert Brown Recitation Instructor Physics 260 280-8443(C) 660-2567(O) [email protected] Lawrence Evans Recitation Instructor Physics 043 660-2576 [email protected] Ahmed Idilbi Recitation Instructor Physics 261B 660-2496 [email protected] Jian-Guo Liu Recitation Instructor Physics 285 660-2546 [email protected] John Thomas Lecturer and Course Coordinator Physics 185 660-2508 [email protected] .duke.edu
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Ken McKenzie Lab Director Physics 148 668-2659 [email protected] Derek Leadbetter Lab Director Physics 184 681-9283 [email protected] Professor Thomas is the Course Coordinator and is the person to contact if you have questions concerning course prerequisites, scheduling conflicts, and recorded grades. However, all questions about how quizzes or
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54S09_Course_Overview_1 - Physics 54 General Physics II...

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