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Exam Taking Hints Make sure that you budget your time wisely. If it is a 75 minute exam, a useful time allocation may be as follows: Spend 10-15 minutes combined on all multiple choice questions; Use 5 minutes to read the long problems; decide which two you want to do; Spend up to 20 minutes on each long problem; Return to the multiple choice questions, either complete your work on them or double check your answers (5-10 min. depending); Go back to the long problems and check your work carefully; Leave a minute or so to make sure that you have completed the first page. If you get stuck on a problem, don’t use up your precious time. Go to the next problem
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Unformatted text preview: and see if you can do better on it. Do not get stuck on answering the multiple choice problems. They are only worth 1/3 of the total exam score (approximately). Write legibly; the grader will not give credit for something that’s impossible to read. Make sure you don’t accidentally drop vector arrows, give results without units, etc. Make sure that you explain why you are doing something that’s not obvious. Don’t expect the grader to guess the orientation of your coordinate system, etc....
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