PHY053 F05 Exam1a

PHY053 F05 Exam1a - PHY53 F-05 Exam 1 A Name:...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY53 F-05 Exam 1 A Name: _______________________ Section: __ I certify that I have abided by the rules and the spirit of the Duke Community Standard. MC ____ P1 ____ P2 ____P3 ____ Total: ______ In questions or problems not requiring numerical answers, express your answers in terms of the symbols given, and standard constants such as g. If numbers are required, use g = 10 m/s 2 . Record your MC answers here: MC1___ MC2___ MC3___ MC4___ MC5___ Multiple Choice: 6 Points Each 1. In the absence of wind, raindrops fall down vertically with a speed of 6 m/s. As seen from a forward moving car, they seem to fall at an angle of 30 ° with respect to the horizontal . What is the relative speed with which they hit the windshield of the car? A) 3.00 m/s B) 6.93 m/s C) 9.00 m/s D) 8.49 m/s E) 12.0 m/s. 2. The gravitational acceleration near the Earth’s surface is about 6 times that on the surface of the Moon. Neglecting air resistance, an object thrown from the ground at the same speed and with the same angle of 45 ° with respect to the vertical will land on the ground A) At the same distance on the Moon and the Earth....
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PHY053 F05 Exam1a - PHY53 F-05 Exam 1 A Name:...

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