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PHY053 F05 Exam2a Sol_add - rut/5 R05 ExamZA Name Section...

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Unformatted text preview: rut/5;; R05; ExamZA Name: Section: [ certify that 1 have abided by the rules and the spirit off/7c) Duke Community Standard. Grading scores: MC P1 P2 P3 Total: 111 questions or problems not requiring numerical answers, express your answers in terms of the symbols given, and standard constants such as g. . . 2 ll numbers are required, use g = 10 m/s . Record your MC answers: MC1__ MC2_ MC3 M01 MCS MC6 Multiple Choice: 4 Points Each 1. The driver of a car of mass 1200 kg encounters a speed hump on a level road. If the curvature radius of the hump is 15 m, what is the fastest speed at which she can drive over the hump without making the car lift off the road? A) 31.2 km/h lg) 41.7 km/h wflmfigégj? 44.1 km/h D) 54.0 km/h E) 62.4 km/h. 2. A race car can accelerate from rest to 30 m/s in 4.6 s. If the power output of the car remains constant, how long does it take the car to accelerate from 30 m/s to 60 m/s? [Neglect air drag] A) 4.6 s. B) 6.5 s. C) 9.2 s. D) 13.8 s. E) 18.4 s. ,3 3. Which of the following objects reach the bottom of a 30° incline in the shortest time, if they are released from rest at the top and roll downhill without slipping: A) A solid disk rolling downhill. B) A hoop rolling downhill. C) A can of Campbell split pea soup. D) A solid sphere rolling downhill. E) A hollow sphere rolling downhill. 4. What is the rotational kinetic energy of a solid sphere with mass 100 kg and 5 cm radius, which rotates around its center once every 2 seconds? Mme 0493 J. a M a, Z, a '7" K B) 0.986 J. Kwaéfiflm 2*: gate ifii 5., C) 0.197 J. “ W «A a “t” D) 0.394J a g kg W632 # a, M E) 2.46.). a“ teas} » EA; 3 as??? “get 5. Ball A ofmass 0.4 kg is dropped from a height of5 m, and ball B of mass 0.2 kg is dropped from a height of 10 m. Which object has the larger momentum / greater kinetic energy when it hits the ground? [Neglect air resistance] A) Ball A has larger momentum. B) Ball B has larger momentum. C) Ball A has greater kinetic energy. D) Ball B has greater kinetic energy. E) Both balls have the same momentum. 6. A Honda Civic collides head on with a Chevrolet Suburban, which is twice as heavy as the Civic. When the Sheriff arrives at the accident scene, he notices that both cars came to a stop right where the collision happened. From this observation the police officer can conclude that A) the Suburban had already come to a stop when the Civic hit it. B) both cars traveled at the same speed. C) the Civic drove four times as fast as the Suburban. D) the Civic drove half as fast as the Suburban. E) the Civic drove twice as fast as the Suburban. ...
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PHY053 F05 Exam2a Sol_add - rut/5 R05 ExamZA Name Section...

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