PHY053 F06 Exam Final

PHY053 F06 Exam Final - Physics53 Fall 06 Final Exam Name...

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Physics53 Fall 06 Final Exam Name: ____________________________ Section: ____ I certify that I have abided by the rules and the spirit of the Duke Community Standard. *** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START *** Do not forget to write your name and section number above. You must answer all ten multiple choice questions and all five longer problems. Remember that credit will only be given for solutions that show your work. Do not just write down your result, but show how you got it. No work shown = no credit. If numbers are required, use g = 10 m/s 2 . Record your MC answers (by letter A - E) here. No credit will be given, if you do not record your answer here ! MC1____ MC2____ MC3____ MC4____ MC5____ MC6____ MC7____ MC8____ MC9____ MC10____ [To be filled in by grader:] Grading scores: MC ____ P1 ____ P2 ____ P3 ____ P4 ____ P5____ Total: ______
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Multiple Choice Problems: 5 Points Each 1. Consider two identical oscillators x 1 ( t ) and x 2 ( t ), oscillating with the same amplitude. The first oscillator is released at rest from its position of maximum displacement, the second oscillator is released at the same moment with positive velocity from the position x 2 = 0. If the two oscillators first have the same displacement ( x 1 = x 2 ) after 2.40 s, counting from the moment of their release, what is their common period? [Assume that the oscillators are not damped.] A) 9.60 s. B) 14.4 s. C) 15.1 s. D) 19.2 s. E) 24.0 s. 2. A bullet is fired into the air by a rifle at an (upward) angle of 60° with respect to the horizontal. If the initial speed of the bullet is 695 m/s and air resistance is neglected, what is the maximum height reached by the bullet on its trajectory? A) 6.04 km. B) 9.06 km. C) 12.1 km. D) 17.1 km. E) 18.1 km. 3. Three masses are to be balanced on a uniform board 8.00 m in length, which is pivoted about its center. Masses m A = 3.00 kg and m B = 2.00 kg are positioned at either end, as shown. At which location x (measured from the center, see figure) should a third mass m = 2.50 kg (shown in black) be positioned in order to balance the board?
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PHY053 F06 Exam Final - Physics53 Fall 06 Final Exam Name...

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