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Physics 53 Quiz #1a Fall 2007 Name ___________________________ Recit. Section _______ Circle the correct answer: 1. [2 points] Two identical objects are thrown off the same bridge and fall to the ground at the same level and the same horizontal distance from the bridge. Object A is thrown straight into the horizontal direction; object B is thrown upwards at an angle of 30° with respect to the vertical. Which object reaches the ground first? a) Object A. b) Object B. c) Both objects reach the ground at the same time. 2. [2 points] Which of the following objects defines an inertial reference frame? a) A train going around a left bending curve at constant speed. b) A train uniformly slowing down along a straight track.
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Unformatted text preview: c) A train traveling along a straight track at constant speed. 3. [3 points] A traveler walks on a moving walkway in an airport at a speed of 2.00 m/s in the direction of the motion of the belt. The walkway belt is moving at 2.50 m/s with respect to the terminal building. Her boyfriend, to impress her, runs on the walkway that’s moving in the opposite direction with the same speed. How fast does he need to run in order to keep up with her? a) 4.50 m/s b) 7.00 m/s c) 9.00 m/s 4. [3 points] A rocket lifts off with constant acceleration a = 30 m/s 2 at a 60° angle with respect to the vertical. How high is the rocket above ground when it reaches a speed of 6 km/s? a) 300 km b) 600 km c) 1200 km...
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