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Physics 53 Quiz #7b Fall 2007 Name ___________________________ Recit. Section _______ Circle the correct answer: 1. [3 points] Consider the following two statements: (1) If the net force on a system is zero, then the net torque is also zero. (2) If the net torque on a system is zero, then the net force is also zero. Which statement is correct? a) Both (1) and (2) are true. b) Both (1) and (2) are false. c) Only (1) is true. d) Only (2) is true. 2. [3 points] Two spinning disks have the same angular momentum, but disk 1 spins at a larger angular velocity than disk 2. Which disk has the larger moment of inertia? a) Disk 1. b) Disk 2. c) It depends on their relative mass. d) It depends on their relative size.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. [2 points] Pluto orbits the sun on an elliptical orbit. Where in the orbit is the torque about the sun exerted by the gravitational force on Pluto at its maximum? a) At the point of closest approach to the sun (perihelion). b) At the two points intermediate between aphelion and perihelion. c) At the point of greatest distance from the sun (aphelion). d) The torque is always zero. 4. [2 points] Two solid disks have the same radius and the same mass, but different thickness. One disk is made of aluminum, and the other is made of lead. Which object has the larger moment of inertia about its symmetry axis? a) The disk made of lead. b) The disk made of aluminum. c) Both have the same moment of inertia....
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