Quiz8a - different for each. Which container has the...

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Physics 53 Quiz #8a Fall 2007 Name ___________________________ Recit. Section _______ Circle the correct answer: 1. [2 points] Three masses are to be balanced on a uniform board 2.00 m in length, which is pivoted about its center. Masses m A = 3.00 kg and m B = 1.00 kg are positioned at either end as shown. Where (at which value of x to the right of the pivot) should a third mass of 4.00 kg, shown in black, be placed in order to balance the board? a) x = 20.0 cm. b) x = 25.0 cm. c) x = 33.3 cm. d) x = 50.0 cm. x A B 2. [2 points] Two identical objects are submerged in a liquid at different depths from the surface, as shown. The magnitude of the buoyant force is: a) greatest on object A. b) greatest on object B. c) equal for both objects. A B
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3. [2 points] Three containers are filled with water to the same height and have the same surface area at the base, but the total weight of water is
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Unformatted text preview: different for each. Which container has the greatest total force acting on its base? a) Container 1. b) Container 2. c) Container 3. d) All experience the same force. 4. [2 points] A fisherman catches a giant fish in a small lake and hauls it into his boat. Compared to the original water level of the lake, when the live fish was waiting motionless and fully submerged in the water, the water level in the process: a) Rises. b) Falls. c) Stays constant. 5. [2 points] Water flows through a 1-cm diameter pipe connected to a 1/2-cm diameter pipe. Neglect viscosity and assume that water is incompressible. Compared to the speed of the water in the 1-cm pipe, the speed in the 1/2-cm pipe is: a) Qne quarter. b) One half. c) The same. d) Double. e) Four times. V 1 v 2...
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Quiz8a - different for each. Which container has the...

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