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Separation Scheme: Extraction of Aspirin and Caffeine from Anacin Caffeine + Aspirin + binders (cellulose and starch) 1. Crush tablet and stir with MTBE H 3 C O CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 2. Filter filtrate solid binders - starch and cellulose large polymers - insoluble in MTBE MTBE caffeine aspirin O OH O O CH 3 C C N C N C N HC N O O CH 3 H 3 C O OH O O CH 3 OH O O O O CH 3 H 2 O 2. Separate layers using separtory funnel. organic (top) aqueous (bottom) MTBE = non-polar, d= 0.740 g/mL C C N C N C N HC N O O CH 3 H 3 C (relatively non-polar) + small amounts of H 2 O O OH R O O O O CH 3 (most of the aspirin pulled into aqueous layer with basic washes) H 2 O = polar, d ~1 g/mL + small amounts of MTBE and caffeine
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Unformatted text preview: ionic - polar COMBINED AQ. LAYERS NaOH washes and small amts of Wash with brine aqueous (bottom) organic (top) H 2 O, NaCl MTBE, caffeine less water 1. Stir with Na 2 SO 4 2. Filter filtrate solid MTBE, caffeine Na 2 SO 4, H 2 O MTBE (bp = 55-56 o C) caffeine PURE 1. 6M HCl O O – O O CH 3 + H O OH O O CH 3 + NaCl (aq) Na + ionic-water soluble less polar - less water soluble 1.cool to ppt 2. Filter filtrate H 2 O + some aspirin if too warm or too much water 3. Wash with ICE cold H 2 O NaCl aspirin + H 2 O (dry until next week in drawer) + small amounts of MTBE and caffeine rotary evaporator CH 3 CH 3...
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