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Chapter 3 Outline: Fall 2007 Look at a molecule and determine whether there are any Lewis acidic (electrophilic) or Lewis basic (nucleophilic) atoms ( important for negative to positive) . Show electron movement with curved arrows – mechanisms! Draw arrows from electron rich atom (nucleophile) to electron poor atom (electrophile) - from negative to positive. Identify Bronsted acids and bases and conjugate base pairs.
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Unformatted text preview: Predict relative strengths of acids based on structure and/or pKa . Important Structural effects on acidity • Element effect • Inductive or polar effect • Resonance effect Predict relative base strengths. Predict equilibrium position of an acid/base reaction ( Equilibrium favors most stable species = weakest acid/base). Predict relative concentrations of starting materials and products based on pKa/Ka....
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