6-CH151PS6KEYF07 - CHEMISTRYl5l.00ll- your mind. For each...

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CHEMISTRY l5l.00ll- l? \ -.X;ll3'3!,, KW A l. One of the challenges in chapter 6 is being able to reorient moteculed{h your mind. For each of the pairs below, complete the drawing at the right by adding the two missing substituents at their correct positions to create the SAME molecule and the enantiomer and/or diastereomer. ab WY, n "nun,'o'", Lra$r6taperg Z qV-p) J(JI A\F "-./ H^cHrcH. enantiomer 2. Label each molecule as chiral, achiral or achiral/meso. Label each asymmetric carbon as R or S. r?<&d- *l t+ Larl. ld.il , . ., L?t:,, Ggu). e:nzo* ln -,'A'F-O -i - lK c'(r 31,,,'o ...-,/-.,t = ,J3,"4"t' 5}4\oqn. -C!,' n\-''n2u ^ j' ;Y'. tL-Or/utnn 3t I@ f 1r'*uu t/\ | no,4sgn ur Cl \ y/ "'"4ffii1 r_sn.)|, 0{^J&* Hsc Hv3i' 'r 'cH3 . \ H"cuT&zt. iii.|'I'oH a. CHcCHq t: Hscr'l"r ,{5qon. CUC*Z c'{"v' . same molecule FE, same morecure b. 60 e-J. ---"- " -\ --@ Mtso gl"rrnl g\anc \ S1mrrc-tr1 ,9_^,,,k- A,,{r,irr^\ cr-c5
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CHM l5l (HLS): Problem Set 6 3. Identify the following pairs of molecules as enantiomers, diastereomers, or the same molecule. CAP* .Same 4. It has been shown that whenZ-4-methyl-2-pentene is treated first with perbenzoic acid followed by ammonia, the major product is a l/l mixture of (2R, 3R)-2-amino-4-methyl-3-pentanol and its (Z.tQ enantiomer. Is this process, the overall a*iiii6i of HrN-OH across the double bond, net "syz" or net "anti"? Justify your answer with appropriate structures.
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6-CH151PS6KEYF07 - CHEMISTRYl5l.00ll- your mind. For each...

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