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Chapter9OutlineF07 - Chapter 9 Define recognize and give...

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Chapter 9 Define, recognize and give examples of each of the following terms: Nucleophilic substitution Elimination Nucleophile Electrophile Strong base, Weak Base Leaving group S N 1, S N 2, E1 and E2 reactions Rate-determining step Retention, inversion, racemization and E/Z (stereochemistry of reactions) Polar, protic, aprotic, donor, non-donor solvents and their role in sub/elim reactions Mono, di-, tri, tetra-substituted alkenes (relative stabilities) Primary, secondary, tertiary alkyl halides Given two species – predict better leaving group, base, nucleophile and explain why (review Chapters 3 and 8). Predict product or products of nucleophilic substituion and elimination reactions including stereochemistry (R/S and E/Z) and regiochemistry where appropriate. Zaistev rule Anti-periplanar requirement for E2 and its consequences (Be able to predict which substrates react quickly, very slowly or not at all). From your knowledge of the rate laws/mechanisms, predict and interpret experimental results for the S N 1, S
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