CHM 151 (PS 1 F07)

CHM 151 (PS 1 F07) - CHEMISTRY 151.001 Fall 2007 - Problem...

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CHEMISTRY 151.001 Fall 2007 - Problem Set 1 September 3-7 1. a) Draw the Lewis structures of each of the following molecules. b) Assuming that all electron pairs have been shown, what is the hybridization of the atom in BOLD for each of the following structures? c) What is the formal charge on the atom in BOLD ? If there is no formal charge put a "0". d) Does the atom in BOLD have a full octet? Lewis Structure Hybridization Charge Full octet? 1) 2) 3) 4) (CH 3 ) 2 N C H 3 (CH 3 ) 3 O H 3 CN C NCH 3 5) (CH 3 ) 3 C 2. Below are the three most common forms of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Assign the formal charge to each and memorize (I do not promote memorizing organic chemistry – but by memorizing these common forms/charges of the most common elements you will save yourself an immense amount of time once we learn mechanisms). C C C N N N O O O
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CHM 151 (HLS); Recitation 1 2 3. The molecule below is capsaicin – the spicy component of hot peppers. It first produces a burning sensation on contact and repeated application desensitizes the area to pain. Because of
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CHM 151 (PS 1 F07) - CHEMISTRY 151.001 Fall 2007 - Problem...

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