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Meltirtp PoiIl DL'tct' titt o! io t, *. :loo nruch or 1oo liltle sarnplc lnd ilsullicicnl paclJng can lcad (o crrors. Reconrrcncled samtrle ttlqD: Crush the sa |lc lo be allah'zcd inlo a linc po\\'del or a watc} qlass. Pfcrss llle open end 01 a clfillall, lLLbe gcnl]] irllo alllouncl ofthe saDrpJe thelr iD],ert lhe luLre and pack the solid into 1l'le bott.)]n b)' Llsirlg one of the fcrllowjDg t'Dcthods: I ) tap lhe lube lightl)' or the bcnch 2) drop Lhc tube repoaledl)'drt()ug11 a larger hollow tube (<-rne should be provided neat caoh l4elTenlp Apfar'lus) The solid should fill the
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Unformatted text preview: the conecl amoru]l ol soljd ,1 Ilorlirg lorr rapiclll'Icads to ci'rol s. lrepare lu'o serrplcs. .llcal Lllc lirst sample rzrpidll,and record an apploxiDtate mclling potnt range. Allorv the afParatus lo cool-20-30 "C theD heat the second san]lLe slol\'ly and carefully 10 obLain an accurate range (see lhe chan posted by each of tl'le alparatuses.) C)lltin]ulr llcatjng late = 1-2 degrees per i\irlvle - kear lhe t11ehfug Painl A new sample should be used for EACIJ neu, neasLlfeDenl because substances solneti1nes palliall)' decol'llpose uFoll heatiDg. 'r00 r50 :lnticipated meltirLg pc'int ("C1 t0| a I,1el-Temp AFparatus...
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