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Examination Regrade Submission Form Please fill out completely. Failure to do so will delay the regrading of your exam, and its return to you. PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY! Do not modify your exam paper in any way; doing so is a violation of the Community Standard. Attach this form to the front of the exam, and return it to Holly Sebahar in room 214 of Gross Chemistry. Regrade submissions will be accepted until 5:00 PM on the day one week after the return of exams. For example; if graded exams are distributed to the class on a Thursday, students have until the following Thursday afternoon to request a regrade. NOTE: In the event of a student-perceived error in grading (not a clerical error) the entire exam will be regraded, not just the problem in question.
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Unformatted text preview: Full Name:________________________________________ Laboratory Section Number:_________________ Lecture Professor________________________ Laboratory TA:____________________________________ In the space below, please give a description of the perceived error(s) in grading or the clerical error. Be as precise as possible. Please write legibly; if the error description cannot be deciphered, the exam will be returned without being regraded. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Outcome of regrade: Overall change in exam score: _____________ points. New data entered into class database....
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