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StereochemistryFlowChartHLSF07 - All cis/trans isomers are...

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What is the relationship between these two molecules? Do they have the same molecular formula? Yes - ISOMERS No - not isomers Are the groups connected in the same order ? Do they have the same basic IUPAC names (do not consider R/S or cis/trans) Yes - substitutents connected to same carbons, just front instead of back or up instead of down, left instead of right No - CONSTITUTIONAL ISOMERS STEREOISOMERS Are the molecules intrconverted by rotation about sigma bond or chair flip? Yes - CONFORMATIONAL ISOMERS No - CONFIGURATIONAL ISOMERS Are the molecules mirror image isomers? Do the molecules have opposite configurations at ALL asymmetric carbons? For example: (2R, 3S, 6R, 8R) and (2S, 3R, 6S, 8S) Yes No - DIASTEREOMERS For example: (2R, 3S, 6R, 8R) and (2S, 3R, 6R, 8R)
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Unformatted text preview: All cis/trans isomers are diastereomeric. How many asymmetric carbons?- molecules achiral*-mirror images superimposable-molecules each posesses a plane of symmetry -molecules are IDENTICAL- molecules chiral -mirror images non-superimposable -molecules do NOT possess a plane of symmetry --molecules are ENANTIOMERS 2 or more plane of symmetry? Yes, MESO-mirror images superimposable-molecules achiral - molecules are IDENTICAL NO,-mirror images non-superimposable -chiral ENANTIOMERS Br Br 1 Br Br H 3 C H 3 C OH CH 2 CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 HO H 3 CH 2 C *There are some exceptions to this rule (allenes, etc.) H 3 C H 3 C CH 3 CH 3 HO HO OH OH OH CH 3 HO H 3 C Cl H H Cl...
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