Chapter18US - Chapter 18: World War II at Home, 1941-1945...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter 18: World War II at Home, 1941-1945 Section 1: The Shift to Wartime Production -Supplying goods to the Allied forces at the start of WWII helped boost the American Economy & helped the country emerge from the Depression. -The American economy soon had to convert full time to making war equipment. The Government Steps In -Gov't would have to coordinate the produciton of U.S. businesses. -April 1941, Office of Price Administration (OPA) was established to keep shortages from sending up prices & rents & causing inflation. Later it oversaw the rationing of scarce resources. -The War Production Board (WPB) was set up in January 1942 to direct the conversion of peacetime production to wartime production. It set priorities & allocated raw materials. scarce resources. -May 1943, the Office of War Mobilization was created to centralize all these agencies Industries Convert -Factories begin converting to war production. -February 1, 1942, workers began converting automobile factories to produce warplanes. -The OPA will ration out cars to people who really needed them. -Thousands of business executives went to Washington to work in the new gov't agencies that were coordinating war production. The Great Arsenal of Democracy -By the middle of 1945, the nation had produced: 1. 300,000 airplanes 2. 80,000 landing crafts 4. 5,600 merchant ships 5. 2,600 Liberty ships 6. 6 million rifles, carbines, and machine guns 7. 41 billion rounds of ammunition
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Chapter18US - Chapter 18: World War II at Home, 1941-1945...

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