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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter 13-1: A Republican Decade Revolution in Russia Communism? Red Scare The Palmer Raids arrest suspects. Raids Continued Sacco and Vanzetti Schenck vs. U.S. Boston Police Strike Steel Strikes Coal Strikes hNov. 6, 1917 h h1918, civil war between hRedsh hGovht owned land. hSingle party. hNo individual rights. hStart revolutions and spread communism. hAn intense fear of communism and iths ideas. hAmericans wanted known Communists to be jailed or driven out of the country. h1919, Attorney General Mitchell Palmer set up a special force to conduct raids and hMore than 500 immigrants were deported. hThousands jailed. hReceived strong support in the beginning. hApril 15, 1920 h Robbery Homicide. hTwo Italian suspects arrested. hConvicted because they were immigrants. hExecuted in 1927. hCharles Schenck, mailed letters to drafted men not to report. hConvicted under the Espionage Act. hCourt justified silencing free speech. h1919, 19 officers fired for union activity, whole force went on strike. hRiots broke out. hNational guard used to break up strike. h1919, Gary, Indiana. hStrike blamed on communists. hUS Steel Corporation uses force to break up strike. h18 killed, hundreds beaten. h1919, coal workers strike.
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Sheet1 Page 2 Effects The Harding Presidency Foreign Policy Foreign Policy (Continued) Nativist Why Nativism? Teapot Dome Scandal companies. The Coolidge Presidency Kellogg-Briand Pact hWant better pay and shorter work week. hCourt ordered them back to work. hLess Strikes.
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Chapter13_14US - Chapter 13-1: A Republican Decade...

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