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1 Event 10: Project Scheduling key The purpose of this event is to illustrate the basic ideas of project scheduling and to instruct the students on the use of the Project Management add-in. In the Define Projects dialog, include resource columns and predecessor columns as required by the problem. Leave the dialog check boxes unchecked except the Cash Flow box and the Hide Computation box. The activity times are fixed rather than random for this event. When constructing a Gantt chart and Schedule use a time bucket of 1 day. We will not use the Update button or Calendar options for this event. On the Schedule worksheet use an interest rate of 0% to find total cost results. An Excel form will be available for your solutions. Do not duplicate worksheets when creating new models. You can copy data from one worksheet to another, but do not copy formulas. Use the form for your answers and submit it through Blackboard at the end of the class. The basis for this event is the Oil Collection Problem contributed by William Lesso, an Emeritus professor of Mechanical Engineering. For a full description, see the problem statement on the class website. Data gathered from the problem statement is in the table below. The values given in the cost column reflect the total costs of performing the activities. Costs are computed at $160 per crew member per day. You will have to change these costs to daily values for inclusion in the Excel model. Index Name Description Crew Time Days Cost Predecessors 1 Start Start Activity 0 0 0 2 A POUR SLAB 4 2 1280 3 B ORDER PUMP UNIT 1 1 160 4 C CUT PATH 6 3 2880 5 D CURE SLAB 0 3 0 A 6 E DELIVER UNIT 0 2 0 B 7 F RUN FLOW LINE 6 2 1920 C 8 G RUN ELECTRIC LINE 3 2 960 C 9 H MOUNT UNIT 3 1 480 D E 10 I INSTALL ELECTRIC MOTOR 2 2 640 H 11 J RUN SUCKER RODS 3 3 1440 H 12 K TIE IN, TEST MOTOR 1 1 160 G I 13 L NIPPLE UP WELL HEAD 2 1 320 F J 14 M TEST PUMP 2 2 640 K L 15 N OPEN VALUES 1 1 160 K L 16 End End Activity 0 0 0
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2 P1. To simplify the scheduling, the project manager proposes to neglect the predecessor information and just do the activities in order. That is Pour Slab, Order Pump Unit, and so on. Build a model of this situation using the Project Management add-in . Name the model "Well1". The due date for the project is 15 days (set in cell O2). Activity Data Cash Flows Resources Initial Uniform Final Time Activity Critical Name Description Predecessors Color C.F. C.F. C.F. Crew Days Delay 1 S t a r t S t a r t A c t i v i t y 000000 1 A POUR SLAB 0 640 0420 1 B O R D E R P U M P U N I T A 0 1 6 00110 1 C C U T P A T H B 0 9 6 00630 1 D CURE SLAB C 000030 1 E D E L I V E R U N I T D 000020 1 F R U N F L O W L I N E E 0 9 6 00620 1 G R U N E L E C T R I C L I N E F 0 4 8 00320 1 H M O U N T U N I T G 0 4 8 00310 1 I INSTALL ELECTRIC MOTOR H 0 320 0220 1 J R U N S U C K E R R O D S I 0 4 8 00330 1 K T I E I N , T E S T M O T O R J 0 1 6 1 L N I P P L E U P W E L L H E A D K 0 3 2 00210 1 M T E S T P U M P L 0 3 2 00220 1 N OPEN VALUES M 0 160 0110 1 E n d E n d A c t i v i t y 13 a.
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event_10_schedule_key - Event 10 Project Scheduling key The...

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