Chapter 8 HW - HW 7 8.2 We have n = 40 p = 14/40 =.35 alpha...

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HW # 7 8.2. We have, n = 40 p = 14/40 = .35 alpha = 0.5 To find the confidence interval, use the formula for finding confidence interval on proportions (8.10) which gives a Confidence Interval (0.2021, .4978) Alternate and preferred method : Use JMP. The given information in question can be represented in data format by using ‘1’ for lots having an average of over 40% of Uranium and ‘0’ for the rest of them. Then find the Confidence Interval using JMP. * Observe that the two values of CI are different, because JMP uses binomial distribution to find the confidence interval which is more accurate. 8.21. Use JMP, 5.18, =4.84, s=2.2, n=100 With α=0.05, z distribution = We can find the confidence interval by JMP. 8.36. Since we know that 13.78, we know that So solving for and, we find that (1)
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We also know that. Since, this expression can be solved to find that s=1.2372. This leads to the following equation, (definition of ), ). We can solve this expression in terms of the ninth and tenth measurements and get
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Chapter 8 HW - HW 7 8.2 We have n = 40 p = 14/40 =.35 alpha...

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