Chapter 9 HW - HW 8 From Chapter 9 Ex 9.11 Here we have to...

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From Chapter 9 Ex. 9.11 Here, we have to perform a hypothesis test about a single proportion. The null hypothesis is H 0 : p = 0.5 The alternate hypothesis is H A : p>0.5. Since the sample size is 50% of the population i.e. 500, it is sufficiently large to apply a normal approximation of the binomial distribution. Thus is approximately distributed as Set α = 0.001 Thus = 0.568992 Since even at 0.999 level of confidence (thus of course at alpha = 0.05), we conclude that H 0 may be rejected. Thus, Foghorn will almost certainly win the election. Using JMP (preferred method) , we can generate data for this problem. If we represent votes in favor of Foghorn as 1 and votes against him as zero, then we can generate a set of 500 data points with 43% zeroes and rest ones (by using JMP). Note. Don’t forget to change data type from continuous to nominal for this analysis. The p value is 0.0010 which is much less than alpha =0.005. Thus we can reject the null hypothesis. Foghorn will almost surely win the election. 9.21 Because of the sample size, we must make the assumption that the underlying distribution of the thickness is normal. we have,
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Chapter 9 HW - HW 8 From Chapter 9 Ex 9.11 Here we have to...

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