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Chapter 7, Problem 48 - At a certain instant a...

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Unformatted text preview: At a certain instant, a particle-like object is acted on by a farce = (5.2 Elf-[2.4 N?+ [5.9 Nfiyhile the object's yelccity is = -(2.8 misi'e (3.4 mis}.l{What is the instantaneous rate at which the force does work on the object? {b} At some other time, the yelccity consists of only a y ccmpcnent. lfthe force is unchanged, and the instantaneous power is -1? W, what is the velocity of the cbjectjust then? [Giye your answer without a unit vector.) haw—F F : seesaw-Ci.- ‘39“ if; LsQJEJ-f (EAL) : O-é/‘m/g rate of doing work = Force X distance 1‘ time = farce ( dft) = fcrce X yelccity ...
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