BA395 - Ethical Dilemma - Viktor Wojtowicz BA395 Personal...

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Viktor Wojtowicz BA395 Personal Paper September 16, 2009 In April of 2008, I was a sophomore eagerly awaiting the end of the school year so that I can finally start my first ever internship. I had spent the entire school year applying to various companies in search of an internship, with no luck. My luck finally changed when I received a call from Continental Financial in late March. They asked me a few simple questions over the phone followed by scheduling an interview for the upcoming week. Continental was a small equipment leasing company located in Broadview, Illinois. It was there that my personal ethics had been challenged for the first time in the business world. To my disappointment the position known as ‘Lead Generator’, which I had accepted, was no more than in simple terms a telemarketing job. My job function was mainly calling businesses nationwide in an attempt to convince the owner to lease some equipment for their business with the financial backing of Continental. The owner and president of Continental was a man named Steve who came off as a very knowledgeable and well rounded individual, with a lot of self respect. It wasn’t until a few weeks into my internship that I started questioning Steve’s ethical capabilities. Since the company was relatively small, having a workforce of no more than 30 people, Steve was always the one the interns went to for help and advice. Steve was always helpful and always enthusiastic about answering the various questions we approached him with throughout the day. Our goal for an entire day of work was to convince one person to fill out an application over the phone with some personal
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information, and agree that they were interested in leasing equipment for their business through our company. This goal of one per day was definitely not an easy task. Some days I would fill out two to three of these applications, but on others I would get none. After being on a dry streak for about three days at one point in the first month, Steve approached me and asked how he could help me with my marketing skills. I explained to him that I was simply having trouble with my opening statement, because the majority of the people who actually answered their phones would immediately hang up. Since this
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BA395 - Ethical Dilemma - Viktor Wojtowicz BA395 Personal...

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