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1 Physics 141 Course Information General Physics I - Mechanics Spring 2010 Instructors: A. Barkan, R. Espinoza, O. Evdokimov, S. Kouznetsov Office Hours: Will be posted on Blackboard as soon as finalized Textbook: University Physics , Volume 1 of 12 th Edition, Young & Freedman Online Homework: Student Access Kit, for Mastering Physics Online Course Material Course ID: UICPHY141SPRING10 Class Participation: The iClicker remote feedback unit is required in lecture Laboratory Text: Physics 141 Laboratory Instruction CD (Do not buy, will be handed out) Disclaimer : The terms of this syllabus are subject to change by announcements in class, on the course website (blackboard), or by email. Introduction: Physics 141 is a calculus-based course focused primarily on classical mechanics. It is the first course in a sequence of three introductory “foundation” physics courses, where Physics 141 covers classical mechanics, Physics 142 covers electricity and magnetism, and Physics 244 covers modern physics. The Text and Lectures: Reading the textbook is an essential part of the course. Students will benefit the most if they read ahead before coming to the lecture. Students are expected to take accurate notes during the lecture and to ask relevant questions. Each student is individually responsible for the material covered in the book as well as each lecture. Homework: Homework is an essential part of the course, and the primary means by which you will discover if you understand the material. It is very important that you spend time working on understanding how to apply the “big ideas” of lecture to specific problems. Working in small groups is often a useful environment to tackle difficult problems. In case of difficulty, please contact the tutors, laboratory TA’s, or instructors for additional assistance. Weekly homework assignments will primarily performed online at the Mastering Physics web page ( ). They will be “due” by the day and time listed online. The online system will always “save your work” so you can easily work on the problems continuously throughout the week. Do NOT leave it all for the last minute. The maximum value of a particular homework starts at full credit if completed before the due date, and decreases after the due date such that homework completed two or more days late will be worth only 20%. To access our homework site, go to the above website, and when you register and log in for the first time, choose the Mastering Physics Course ID of: UICPHY141SPRING10 . The access kits are bundled “for free” with a new textbook purchase at the UIC bookstore. Otherwise you will have to obtain or purchase separately (either online or at the bookstore) a student access kit for Mastering Physics. In addition to the online homework, there will be additional homework assignments and/or in-class
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PHY141-Syllabus-Sp10_v5-1 - Physics 141 Course Information...

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