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CMN600 Encoding Science W2010

CMN600 Encoding Science W2010 - be scientists they will be...

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CMN600 Encoding Science: Writing for Lay Audiences 15% In this assignment you are asked to produce one piece of science writing for a lay audience. Here is the case: You are a science writer contracted by the Ontario provincial government to prepare a brief for government committee deliberations. The committee you are working for is debating a policy decision on an advocacy issue. Your job is to provide a brief that explains the science behind the issue. In other words, your brief is intended to provide government decision-makers from a range of backgrounds with science-related information in plain language. Specifically, you are expected to: include solid scientific data in your brief because although your audience will not
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Unformatted text preview: be scientists they will be business people who look for evidence when making decisions; include visual aids and rhetorical devices such as metaphors and examples to which a non-scientific audience can relate; limit your brief to around 500 words double-spaced plus visual aids, footnoted references and bibliography; maintain a neutral stance. Here are the issues the government committee is debating. Choose ONE of these three issues as the basis for your brief: TOPICS TO BE ANNOUNCED (Remember: You are not debating the issue. You are providing an information brief for a committee that is debating the issue. You are not taking a stand on the issue. Your job is to inform not to persuade .)...
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