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CMN600 Assignment: Reading Response Journal – 20% (Up to 2 marks for each of ten weeks’ journal submissions.) Students will submit a weekly reading journal IN HARD COPY IN CLASS weeks 3 – 12: A one-page (approximately 200 words double-spaced) response to the readings assigned for that week. (“Readings” refers to any assigned material including websites, podcasts, etc.) Do not simply summarize readings – respond to them! Do not try to respond to everything. Select a few points that capture your attention and write a brief and relatively spontaneous response. What I am looking for in your Reading Journal is your engagement with ideas and your application of principles to practices. You could, for example, agree/disagree, comment further, ask a question, or recommend an action in relation to a point of interest. You could also relate concepts to practices that you know about from your personal experiences and observations or from popular news media. When discussing personal experiences, be sure not to identify any individuals unless they
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