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Expert Paper CMN600

Expert Paper CMN600 - by your professor and her teaching...

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CMN600: EXPERT PAPER 10% For this assignment, you are to write a brief paper in which you explain a scientific concept to a lay audience. You should aim for approximately 300 words plus references. You are encouraged to include a visual aid; however, make sure the file size does not exceed the BlackBoard limit. Use an academic style guide (eg, MLA, APA, etc.) to document your secondary sources. Choose a topic from your area of study . You are the “expert” – a specialist communicating to a non-specialist audience. Assume that you are writing for an audience with post-secondary education who has a general interest in your topic but no specialized scientific knowledge. (In other words, you are writing for an audience well represented
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Unformatted text preview: by your professor and her teaching assistants.) Your topic should be: ¾ Relatively specific/narrow ¾ Relatively complex ¾ Not commonly known or understood by lay (non-scientific) audiences ¾ Known relatively well by you Please include a brief footnote with your title that explains why you chose your topic. You will be evaluated on both your choice of topic and your expression of that topic. Read carefully the “CMN600 Grading Criteria for Written Work” posted on BlackBoard. Submit your finished assignment through BlackBoard well before the posted deadline in case you experience technical problems or the clock on your computer is not precisely the same as the BlackBoard clock. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED....
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