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FRITZ PERLS Friend, don’t be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are not sins. Mistakes are ways of doing something different, perhaps creatively new. Friend, don’t be sorry for your mistakes. Be glad for them. You had the courage to give something of yourself. 1969 (In and Out the Garbage Pail) 1. Basic Concepts - end-goals - means-whereby - gestalts 2. Developmental Problems a. Impasse b. Catastrophic Expectations c. Overindulgence YOU BE THE PSYCHOLOGIST! Nadine failed her first test in university, but she told her parents that she got an A because she didn’t want them to be disappointed in her. Perls would say that Nadine is showing the effects of A. Overindulgence. B. Catastrophic expectations. C. Impasse. Ans: B 3. Layers of Psychopathology a. The Cliché Layer b. The Phony Layer - maya - Top Dog and Under Dog b. The Phobic Layer - impasse d. The Implosive Layer e. The Explosive Layer
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Unformatted text preview: YOU BE THE PSYCHOLOGIST! Boris can spend hours telling you all about his neuroses and how he got them, but he never seems to make a move to do anything about them. Perls would say that Boris is at the A. Cliché layer. B. Phony layer. C. Phobic layer. D. Implosive layer. Ans: C 4. Anxiety and Defenses- projectors- introjectors- retroflectors- deflectors- confluence YOU BE THE PSYCHOLOGIST! Ryan told Heather that she was jealous because of her insecurity. “I know what it’s like,” he said. “When I feel insecure, I get jealous too.” Perls would say that maybe he’s right, or then again, maybe he’s showing A. Introjection. B. Deflection. C. Projection D. Confluence. Ans: D 5. Self Esteem 6. Responsibility • What are you doing? • What do you feel? • What do you want? • What do you avoid? • What do you expect?...
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