YOGAoutline - probably stuck in A Muladhara B Svadhisthana...

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YOGA The practice of yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom. ..Freedom is that triumphant state of consciousness that is beyond the influence of desire. -Patanjali (The Yoga Sutras) 1. Major Concepts a. Spirit b. Consciousness c. Subconscious Tendencies subconscious → waves of actions subconscious tendencies consciousness tendencies d. Karma 2. Schools of Yoga a. Karma-yoga b. Jnana-yoga c. Bhakti-yoga d. Hatha-yoga “YOU BE THE YOGI(?)!” Diana recites the rosary in front of her small home shrine at least three times a day. Diana is actually practicing A. Karma-yoga. B. Jnana-yoga. C. Bhakti-yoga. D. Hatha-yoga Answer: C e. Kundalini-yoga - chakras i. muladhara ii. svadhisthana iii. manipura iv. anahata v. visuddha vi. ajna vii. sahasrara
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“YOU BE THE YOGI(?)!” Martin never cheats on his income tax because he is afraid that the IRS will catch him and put him in jail. Which chakra is Martin
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Unformatted text preview: probably stuck in? A. Muladhara B. Svadhisthana C. Manipura D. Ajna Answer: A f. Raja-yoga- abstentions- observances- postures- control of vital energy- interiorization- concentration- meditation- illumination 3. Obstacles to Growth a. Ignorance b. Egoism c. Desire d. Aversion e. Fear “YOU BE THE YOGI(?)!” Jayne avoids going downtown because she is repelled by people who are begging. In Yoga terms, Jayne is not overcoming the obstacle of A. Fear. B. Aversion. C. Egoism. D. Desire. Answer: B 4. The Four Stages of Life a. The Student b. The Householder c. The Forest Dweller d. The Renunciant “YOU BE THE YOGI(?)!” Jolene, age 36, has no children and she has just divorced her husband. She is presently learning to live on her own. In Yoga terms, Jolene is A. A student. B. A householder. C. A forest dweller. D. A renunciant. Answer: C...
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YOGAoutline - probably stuck in A Muladhara B Svadhisthana...

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