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TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY Without the transcendent and the transpersonal, we get sick, violent and nihilistic, or else hopeless and apathetic. Abraham Maslow (1968, Toward a psychology of being) 1. Abraham Maslow a. Basic Assumptions b. The Philosophy of Science - desacralization c. Obstacles to Growth - the Jonah complex “YOU BE THE PSYCHOLOGIST!” Of the following people, who is showing the Jonah complex? A. Ralph, who plays dumb at work so no one will expect much of him B. Edna, who lets her husband think that he is smarter than she is C. Brian, who won’t run for mayor because he feels he can never live up to the previous mayor D. All of the above Ans: D 2. The Perennial Model - paradigm shift 3. Ken Wilber a. Basic Assumptions b. The Spectrum of Consciousness
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