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Topic 7: Theories of Addiction Correspondence with Psychological ‘Paradigms’ 7.1 The Psychodynamic Paradigm 7.11 Developmental and ego-defence theories. Oral stage fixation Pathological ego defence: odenialo Modern biopsychological theories of denial 7.12 Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The healing role of self-disclosure (Mallow) The liberating effects of The Higher Power (Jung). The paradox of AA: The empowering effects of admitting opowerlessnesso The transforming effect of insight: Reallocation of blame, removal of shame. Self-control, interpersonal boundaries and the re-integration of the ego 7.2 Humanistic / Existential Paradigm 7.21 External locus of control, disturbed object relations (Miller) 7.22 The false self and the search for wholeness/fullness AA: Challenging egocentricity the role of fellowship 7.23 Self-handicapping: An existential theory of drug dependence (Greaves) 1
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7.3 The Behaviourist/Learning Paradigm 7.31 Cue reactivity and relapse in opiate users (Wikler, 1959) Relapse on return to the old environment
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overhead7_607r - Topic 7 Theories of Addiction...

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