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CLASS 1: Introduction to Drugs and Human Behaviour 1.1 Definitions – Drug Pharmacology Psychoactive Psychopharmacology 1.2 Two reasons why people take drugs: to feel good and to feel better (Leshner) Drug use behaviour is governed by the same principles that govern non-drug use behaviour, namely positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. 1.3 A cybernetic model of drug use and abuse Powers (1973): “Behavior is the control of perception.” - optimum internal state. - operation of spontaneous compensatory processes within the organism that promote homeostasis - concept of abuse liability 1
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1.4 Medicinal Use of Psychoactive Drugs - assumption that psychopathology stems from a dysfunction in the brain or central nervous system - cybernetic model of medicinal drug administration - deviation from an optimum standard 1.5 Evolutionary factors in psychoactive drug use - systems in the brain “dedicated” to regulating pleasure - consistent across species: rats, cats, monkeys, humans -
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