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1 1.5 Understanding the Problem: The Problem: The Lotusland Ferry Corporation requires a computerised toll collection system for its various ferry terminals. Vehicles pulling up to a tollbooth will be asked by the tollbooth agent the length of the vehicle and the number of passengers traveling. Fares are based on both these factors. A display in the tollbooth will show the amount due to the tollbooth agent, who will verbally communicate the fare to the vehicle driver. When requested and when the agent’s shift terminates, each tollbooth must report via a display inside the tollbooth, the total number of vehicles processed and the total value of all fares collected since the current tollbooth agent came on duty. The fare per passenger is currently $9.00 and the vehicle charges are $28.00 for vehicles less than 6 meters in length, $38.00 for all others. Only cash, credit cards or debit cards are accepted.
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