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PS 303 Homework set 1 Due on February 11th . Name: UT EID: 1. In the textbook, read the section The scientific attitude (page 9). Distinguish among a scientific fact, a hypothesis, a law and a theory. 2. Find a circle and measure the circumference and diameter in centimeters and determine the value of π (pi) using the relation π =circumference/diameter. Measure the circumference and diameter again this time in inches and determine π again. Are your values for π the same or different? Why?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Based on Appendix A in the textbook, write the following measurements using the SI unit system: a) 25 in b) 35.4 lb c) 20 hours 45 minutes 4. Originally, the frequency of a pendulum is 12 Hz. a) If we increase the mass of the pendulum, what happens with its period? b) If we decrease the length of the pendulum, what happens with its frequency? c) If we double the period of the pendulum, how many times would it oscillate in 1 min? 1...
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